Who is in the Pension Review Group?
If you are a Reuters pensioner then, like me, you are probably concerned about the recent performance of your pension fund and how this affects the future of your pension.

Quite a few of us are concerned, so we have formed a group to see what can be done to improve the position. It is called the Pension Review Group (PRG). As you can see from the list on the right, we’ve got quite a bit of expertise, some of it directly relevant to the subject.

Newsletters will be produced on an occasional basis whenever we have something to say which we think will be of interest to you as a Reuters Pension Fund or Supplementary Pension Scheme member, whether you are still working, have a deferred pension or are retired. Tell us if there is anything you want to share so that we can include your views in future issues.
We want to reach as many members as we can so please get in touch with former colleagues and let us have their contact details.

Over the last few years many of us have written to the Company and Trustees on the various pensions issues that confront us, often only to receive negative or unhelpful responses.

We will be publishing some extracts from this correspondence in future newsletters so that everyone is aware of the Company’s position.

We need to harness our individual energies together so that we can speak with a united voice.

John Freeman,
First Chairman Pension Review Group.
August 2004
Members of the Pension Review Group

Angela Dean (Chair)
David Christian-Edwards
Mike Cooling
Sandy Critchley
Peter Fanning
Nick Farrow
John Freeman
Graham Hillier
Humphrey Hudson
Maureen Laurie
Barry May
Adrian Robson
Jane Slatter
Tony Winning
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