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PRG is an informal group of members of the Reuters Pension Fund (RPF) and the Supplementary Pension Scheme (SPS).

It was established in 2004, initially to highlight specific concerns of pensioners at that time and represent their views to the Trustees and the Company.

Over the last few years PRG has successfully campaigned for the restoration of annual inflation-linked increases for pensions up to a limit of 2.5%, with the Trustees negotiating a 10-year deal for such annual reviews.

The agreement continues until 2021.

The group continues to represent the interests of all types of members - Pensioners, Deferred and Active - by raising concerns on pensions administration and policy with Trustees.

It also acts as a point of contact for members who have not been able to resolve issues through the normal channels.

Information on the PRG's aims, origins, membership and contact details are described under the banner headings at the top of the page.

Detailed descriptions of our activities since the group's inception can be found by clicking on the Archive section at the bottom of this page.

Brexit unlikely to bring major pension framework changes - RPF website
The RPF Trustees' website has recently been updated with an item on the impact of Brexit for UK pensions and RPF, as well as additional useful information and links in the Members Information section.

Commenting on Britain's referendum vote to leave the EU, the RPF website said, "We are unlikely to see major changes to the UK pension framework in the short or medium term following the referendum."

RPF also assessed the immediate effect of the referendum. "Our initial assessment suggests that the direct impact (of the EU referendum result and subsequent market reaction on our investments) has been relatively limited," the website said.

The full report can be read here.

This website is separate from the Members' Website run by Capita which provides more confidential information on the RPF pension scheme and therefore is password protected.

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8 November 2016

Pension increases:
RPI rises 2.4% in September 2019
Inflation figures for September 2019 showed the Retail Prices Index (RPI) rose 2.4%. The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose 1.7%.

These figures will be used for RPF and SPS pension increases from 1 January 2020 for those who retired before 1 January 2019.

In practice, this means that pensions earned before April 1997 in excess of "Guaranteed Minimum Pension" (GMP) will increase by 2.4%. This is below the cap of 2.5% set by the agreement between the company and trustees, which has been extended to January 2024.

Pensions earned between April 1997 and April 2005 have different rules applied, as do pensions earned after April 2005. However, for 2020 pensions earned during both periods will also increase by 2.4%.

GMP earned from April 1988 to April 1997 will increase by 1.7%, in line with the CPI.

When GMP is increased, GMP earned pre-1988 is increased by the State through the State Pension.

5 November 2019

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